Yarning Pty Ltd has the internal team capability to draw on diverse and targeted specialist skills to respond to Government, corporate and community strategic and operational needs.

Services are available on either a holistic basis whereby all Indigenous related aspects are managed or on a tailored basis such as on an 'as needs' basis or contracted as an extension of your existing team.

Services available include:

  • Facilitation

  • Consultation, Engagement and Participation including strategies and plans development and implementation

  • Negotiations assistance

  • Compliance - legislative requirements, agreements implementation, funding agreement implementation

  • Social Services or Community Programs and initiatives development, design and implementation

  • Reconciliation Action Plans (RAPs) including development and implementation, and review and update


We provide services to:

  • Non Government Organisations

  • Community Organisations

  • Native Title Parties (Traditional Owners)

  • Exploration and Mining companies

  • Project Proponents

  • Government Departments and Agencies

  • Private Sector

Experienced in the following areas:

  • Indigenous Social Services / Community Programs and Initiatives including development, design and implementation

  • Auditing - Cultural competencies

  • Environmental Impact Assessments (EIS)

  • Social Impact Assessment (SIA) and Management Plans (SIMPs)

  • Environmental Management including Land and Natural Resource Management

  • Legislative compliance

  • Community and Stakeholder engagement and strategy plans

  • Cultural Heritage

  • Native Title

  • Future Acts

  • Economic Development

  • Participation Plans

  • Project Management

  • Reconciliation Action Plans

  • Shared Responsibility Plans

  • Agreement development, negotiation, implementation and compliance

  • Risk identification and mitigation strategies and plans

  • Stakeholder and community education and capacity building

Additionally, our company provides a range of integrated services in the areas of managing corporate cultural change and performance measurement and conflict resolution outcomes.

Yarning Pty Ltd also provides commercial in-confidence performance reviews for companies in order for them to increase their intercultural competence and partnership approaches to best place them for tenders, project delivery and corporate growth. 

I would like to express my gratitude to Yarning Pty Ltd, Mr David Mailman for his outstanding work with our Claim Group, Mitakoodi and Mayi over the past few years. David’s approach to working in a culturally appropriate manner with our group is second to none. He has a very diverse approach in working with us Elders and being able to communicate with the younger generation also. I have no hesitation in recommending David Mailman of Yarning Pty Ltd to any Aboriginal group, Government, Not for Profit or Private company for his consulting services.
— (First name removed for Cultural reasons) Howard - Mayi Kulun Elder