What is Yarning?

Put simply, Yarning is about building respectful relationships.

The use of a yarning circle (or dialogue circle) is an important process within Aboriginal culture and Torres Strait Islander culture.

The yarning circle has been used by Indigenous peoples from around the world for centuries to learn from a collective group, build respectful relationships, and to preserve and pass on cultural knowledge.

A yarning circle is a harmonious, creative and collaborative way of communicating to:

  • Encourage responsible, respectful and honest interactions between participants, building trusting relationships.

  • Foster accountability and provide a safe place to be heard and to respond.

  • Promote interactions and community connections.

Integral to the success of our services is our analytic expertise and innovative approaches which move to a greater understanding and cooperative working relationships between Indigenous and non-Indigenous parties.

We underpin all our work in intercultural understanding and risk mitigation amelioration approaches to work with companies to improve their success in their project aspirations and compliance requirements.

Critical to these roles is the strategic advice offered to improve a company's social license to operate and achieve timely and on time budget outcomes. 

David is able to connect with us by sharing his personal experiences through his “yarning techniques” which makes it real for us to understand, not through complicated case studies or lenthy court transcripts.

David displays exceptional cultural capability in Cultural Heritage, Native Title consultations and Aboriginal ways of working in both worlds (blackfella and whitefella).

The years of experience and knowledge he has attained throughout Queensland is outstanding and has an extensive network of subject matter experts, clients and community stakeholders.
— (First name removed for Cultural reasons) Howard - Mayi Kulun Elder