Our Mission.

Our mission is to actively reduce Indigenous disadvantage.

We actively promote and support Indigenous engagement, participation and the right to self-determination through the use of culturally appropriate practices and processes while seeking mutually beneficial outcomes in commercial environments.

We are committed to being guided by and adhering to the standards and guidelines contained in ISO 26000.

What We Achieve.

  • Active support of Indigenous development, engagement, participation, employment and economic development.

  • Advocate for and participate in positive change.

  • Assist in the breaking down of barriers and disadvantaged life cycles.

People and Experience.

Our team boasts a broad range of experience including:

  • Extensive Indigenous Affairs personal and professional knowledge and experience regarding issues, intricacies, potential risks and risk management.

  • Extensive Indigenous community knowledge and relationships, locally and nationally.

  • Extensive professional networks and relationships, locally, nationally and internationally.


Research Papers

Aboriginal housing initiatives and design - Home not house

Maranoa well being study

Gladstone well being study

Cultural assessment - Black Creek NSW

Uniting Church - Faith in Place research document - feasibility study - retaining asset as place of worship or modifying asset for community use

Xstrata Corporate - Strategic advice research paper - Reconciliation Action Plan (RAP) and Inclusion strategy